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Welcome to IntelleHub!

A place where Intelligent minds gather, share and learn.

We Create

We create applications from scratch using the cutting edge technologies.

We Innovate

In this era of innovation people are never happy with something static. We generate ideas from existing ideas and create something beautiful and intuitive for you to use.

We do it!

We just do it. Whatever the challenege is, we take the challenge and live in it. We believe, every problem has a solution if you can live up to the challenge.

Latest Works

We Provide Solutions

  • Whatever the problem is.
  • No matter how complex the algorithm might be.
  • Our team is confident to solve it.
  • Be confident to work with IntelleHub!
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We are IntelleHub

With so much passion for the work, we are always one step ahead when it comes to agile software development.

We embraced and love the latest bits of technology. Our motto is to convince with quality and win with work. We provide the best after sales service possible. With separate teams working for SQA, Project management and Programming, we're never unavailable when you need us most.

Our Skills

UX Design
Mobile Application
Web Applications
Desktop Software



৳ 300 per year
  • Disk Space : 100 MB
  • Bandwidth : 2 GB /month
  • Mail : 25 POP3 mail
  • Database : 05 Schema
  • Addon Domain : N/A
  • Parking Domain : N/A
  • Uptime : 99%


৳ 2800 per year
  • Disk Space : 2GB
  • Bandwidth : 25 GB /month
  • Mail : 500 POP3 mail
  • Database : UNLIMITED Schema
  • Addon Domain : 3
  • Parking Domain : 5
  • Uptime : 99%


৳ 6800 per year
  • Disk Space : 5 GB
  • Bandwidth : 55 GB /month
  • Mail : UNLIMITED POP3 mail
  • Database : UNLIMITED Schema
  • Addon Domain : 3
  • Parking Domain : 5
  • Uptime : 99%

* Domain/Hosting Package is only for Intellect Hub Inc. powered sites/apps.